Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Puerto Rico Dog Needs Home

Martin needs a home.

This is Martin, a medium-sized 1 1/2 year old lab mix who is neutered and immunized. He was found as a puppy in the middle of the road suffering injuries, including a broken front paw from a hit and run.
But today, despite his permanent limp, he is a feisty boy who loves to frolick with dogs, ignores cats and accompanies the foster mom when ever she's in the garden. He's been housetrained and walks on a leash. He would be a great addition to any family! By the way, he was named after the patron saint of dogs, Saint Martin.

ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) of Rincon
Tel: 787-823-7167

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puerto Rico Veterinarians

Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincón

P.O. Box 592
Rincón, P.R. 00677
Tel. 787-823-7167 Official Website: ARF

Veterinarian Partners

Animal Medical Hospital
Dr. Frontera
Dr. Pino Carr. # 100 Km 5.7
Cabo Rojo, P.R. ...... 787-255-3316 ...... 787-538-0008
Fully equipped emergency room is opened 8 am-12 am weekdays and on the weekends until 10 pm. Also treats horses.

Animal Medical Clinic
Dr. Frontera
Dr. Pino Aguada ...... 787-868-8000

Dr. Marrero Bo. Miradero
Mayagüez, P.R. ...... 787-834-6050

Dr. Gwen Davis Playa Jobos
Carr #4466 Isabela
In front of Luna Marina ...... 787-872-0204
Closed Tuesdays

Villa Michelle Animal Shelter Mayagüez ...... 787-834-4510

Alternative Veterinarians Located in the Western Part of the Island

Dr. Elena Benson Aguadilla ...... 787-882-5544

Dr. Julio A. Cabán Aguadilla ...... 787-819-4609

Dr. Carlos Clavell
500- S Post
Mayagüez ...... 787-833-5707

Dr. Luis Figueroa
Animal Care Center Girald #70 Urb. Sultana
Mayaquez ...... 787-834-4737

Dr. Ivan Garcia Echevarría 602 Carr. #104 Apt.1
Mayagüez ...... 787-265-2204 ......

Dr. Fred Soltero Mayagüez ...... 787-831-6907

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harvest Moon Dinner

Rincon Puerto Rico

The Harvest Moon Dinner was a great time. Over 120 animal lovers showed up. Mario Jose donated ARF's use of his restaurant for this dinner and this is greatly appreciated. There was roasted pork and also vegetarian fare. ARF is made from its volunteers and community and Saturday night everyone came together. Thank you Sheree, Lisa, and musician Jacques Landry and singer Maribel Vega.

Rincon PR ARF

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ARF Fundraiser

Rincon Puerto Rico

Join us Saturday November 29, at Jose Mario's Restaurant in Playa Corcega.
Tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

Contact ARF directly at 787-823-7167

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vaccination Drive

June 10, 2008

Dear Readers of El Coqui,

On Saturday, June 7th at the Balneario de Rincon ARF held it’s first Clinica de Salud para Perros. The day was a great success!! It was attended by many dogs and their owners. Dr. Marrero and his staff vaccinated 95 dogs, ARF volunteers registered 90 dogs, ARF volunteers scheduled 42 dogs for sterilization with discounted vouchers for the dog owners, and a variety of educational materials were presented on dog health care, sterilization and humane treatment of animals. A special thanks to Dr. Marrero, Maria, Elena and Luis for volunteering their time on a Saturday morning to vaccinate the dogs and provide educational services to the residents of Rincon. We appreciate the Aguada Animal Medical Clinic, the Pet Vet and Dr. Marrero for making time in their schedules for the dog sterilizations from this event. Thanks to the volunteers who made the event flow and work. (Wanda, Leo, Lisa, Dick, Emily, Susan, Katie, Ethan, Odalis, Lisa, Sue, Wolfgang, Hiram, Audrey, Jakob, Kristofer and Sherree). This event would not have been possible without the generous donations/participation of our local business’s in our year round fundraisers, donations by individuals, community participation in our fundraisers, and the municipality of Rincon.. We appreciate your support!!!!!

If you are not acquainted with ARF stop by the office in the Balneario de Rincon, MWF, 9am-noon. It is a great volunteer organization that is dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and supports humans in the care of animals. The organization relies on support from Rincon and abroad. ARF is always looking for volunteers and support for its cause. . You can support ARF by decreasing the number of unwanted and dumped pets , by having your pet sterilized. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next ARF event. Celebrate the summer with your dog, pat, play and walk him/her today!!!

Barb Leslie
ARF Volunteer

Monday, May 12, 2008

Willow La Fara Adopted

Willow La Fara has been adopted, she was given as a birthday present to an 11 year old boy. We have received wonderful news about her progress in her new home. The Boulder Humane Socity did an excellent job in finding her a home, Willow La Fara was only at the shelter for three weeks, we cannot thank them enough. Thank you to the Willow La Fara's new family, they have informed us they will keep her name as Willow La Fara. Shuch a happy ending to what was a very sad begining

Friday, May 2, 2008

Charlie Got Lucky!

Charlie found on the streets of Rincon adopted
(Charlie is the black and white dog, Daisy is also a rescued dog)

Charlie is adjusting to life in NJ. She shivered the first several months and even her dog coat didn't keep her warm. The vet thinks she was only about 10 months when we brought her home. She is still very much a puppy, lots of accidents in the house but slowly getting better. She loves to rip apart bags, jump on counters and knock things down. But overall she's pretty good. Charlie keeps Daisy on her toes, they love to play and wrestle in the yard.

From Rincon thank you Ejeanne and Maddy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Willow La Fara

Willow La Fara

Rescued from El Faro (Light House) in Rincon Puerto Rico

Willow was left to die, a group of locals rescued her, Sara & Bob fostered her for two months.

We were so lucky that The Humane Society Boulder CO., offered to take her until she is adopted by a loving caring family.

ARF of Rincon PR

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Help Came Too Late

I know the sounds of the cars and trucks of my friends, and my enemies, too. Some are kind, some are unkind, but this is where I live. Once I had a home. I remember being safe. I remember being fed. Now I live here.

I have some friends who come and give me food. I am appreciative of these people, but cannot understand why they won’t take me somewhere safe.

I have bad skin. I haven’t always had bad skin and itches, but now I do. Perhaps that is why some people are mean to me. Perhaps that is why no one will take me home.

I am called Louis. I am called GB. I am called mean names, too, but I cannot listen to that. I am happy when my friends come, and I am frightened when the mean people come.

The mornings are busy, many cars, many people coming to walk the track. Some people bring me food. One lady gives me pills. She says the pills are to help my skin. It helps for a while.

Some people are frightened by the way I look. I try not to scare them. I am quiet and gentle, but many never see that, all they see is my skin.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two "Tails" of Rincon

ARF of Rincon (Animal Rescue Foundation)

This is the story of 2 dogs rescued from the streets of the town of Rincon, PR. We are very happy they were adopted and this is a fine example of how ARF uses your donations.

Below is a letter about Isabela having earned her certificate as a working dog:

Dear ARF,

Isabela and I want you to know that we, as a working team, passed the Delta Society test "with flying colors" today. Isabela was fantastic!!!! They put us through "make believe" situation like in a crowded hallway, crazy lady with a shopping cart, Isabela going by a toy and not paying any attention to it, crazy person hugging her, person jumping in front of us.... just many possible situation we might encounter on our visits in hospitals, nursing homes etc. Isabela was incredible! All the three "dog ladies" who put us through the test were totally taken by Isabela, how beautiful she is and how calm and responsive she is to me. I am so proud of her; I had to let you know about it. Now I have to send our photo (enclosing it) to the society with a payment of $50 and we are on our way to be the "working team".
Sue, you should be very proud of your girl! Thank you again for saving her for us and many other people. She has been, and will be bringing joy to everyone she meets!!!

I told them Isabela's story and they all loved it.